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The Difficulty of Japanese Dining Etiquette

So, like, I went to Japan super excited to enjoy Japanese food during my trip, but I ended up feeling awkward and couldn’t fully enjoy my meals because I didn’t know the dining etiquette. Let me tell you, Japanese chefs can be as strict as samurais when it comes to this stuff. At authentic Japanese restaurants, they pay close attention to your dining manners, and each type of dish has its own specific rules to follow. It’s really tough to remember all the proper etiquette, you know?

For example, there are places where you’re supposed to eat sushi with your hands, and others where you should use chopsticks. And get this, there are even ramen shops where you’re not allowed to talk while eating! It’s crazy!

But here’s the thing: even in a country like Japan with strict dining etiquette, there’s a way to freely enjoy the best of Japanese cuisine. And that’s through “Bento” and “Souzai,” which are pre-prepared Japanese dishes that you can take away and eat.

“Bento” and “Souzai”

Japanese food isn’t all about fancy restaurants, you know. There are other ways to enjoy Japanese cuisine that are just as good, if not better, without the fuss. These options are “Bento” and “Souzai,” which are pre-packaged food items available at department store food sections, supermarkets, and 24-hour convenience stores. You name it – sushi, yakiniku, ramen, yakitori, sukiyaki, unagi, tempura, sashimi, tonkatsu, takoyaki, okonomiyaki, udon, soba – you’ll find it all there. It’s easier to find dishes there than to not find them!

Let me emphasize, the quality of these food items is really high, almost on par with what you’d get at a fancy restaurant. Japanese cuisine is not widely known for being affordable and of high quality outside of Japan, but it really is. Tourists often unknowingly end up in upscale restaurants and face cold treatment because they don’t know the proper etiquette. But locals or knowledgeable visitors to Japan make the most of “Bento” and “Souzai” to enjoy the best of Japanese food.

The great thing about “Bento” and “Souzai” is that you can take them back to your hotel and eat them without worrying about anyone watching. Once you’re in your hotel room, you can put your feet on the table or even use a fork to eat sushi if you want! No samurai-like chef will scold you for it. You can even enjoy them while soaking in a bathtub!

Sure, dining etiquette is part of a culture’s food culture. But is that really the essence? No, it’s not. The essence of a meal is to enjoy delicious food in a joyful way. By bringing back high-quality Japanese food to your hotel room, you can liberate yourself from the strict dining manners and how to use chopsticks. Japanese food is incredibly tasty and healthy. So go ahead and enjoy Japanese cuisine with a fork!

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Hey there! I’m Hotaru, the author of this blog. The theme of this blog is to enjoy authentic Japanese cuisine freely, without worrying about chopstick usage or the complicated dining etiquette. I’m not great with dining manners myself, and I can only use a fork, but I absolutely love Japanese food. It’s a fantastic choice for us folks living in the West, as Japanese cuisine is low in fat. Sushi, ramen, yakiniku – you can find them all over the world now, but eating them in Japan is a whole different experience. I hope that people who read this blog can enjoy Japanese food to the fullest, without any constraints.