Let me introduce you to one of the sushi rolls that Japanese people love to eat, the “Futomaki”! Futomaki is a traditional sushi roll that you can enjoy even at high-end restaurants, but local people in Japan often prefer to eat Futomaki that is sold in the food sections of department stores, supermarkets, and 24-hour convenience stores.


Futomaki is a larger-sized seaweed roll filled with various ingredients. It’s about the same size as a California roll, and the fillings can vary depending on the price range and season. One of its notable features is that you can taste a variety of flavors in one bite.

Price Range

The price range for Futomaki is typically between 400 yen and 1,000 yen. The more luxurious the ingredients inside, the higher the price tends to be.

How to Eat

To enjoy Futomaki, you can dip it in soy sauce just like with Edomae sushi. Personally, I like to pour soy sauce on top and eat it with my hands. Some Futomaki rolls come with seasoned fillings, so you can also enjoy them without adding soy sauce.



The calorie content for one piece of Futomaki is as follows:

Calories 268kcal
Protein 14.4g
Fat 4.8g
Carbohydrates 10.2g
Salt Equivalent 40.8g

These values are averages and can vary depending on the type of ingredients used, the length, and size of the Futomaki.


Futomaki is delicious, and it’s easy to eat too much of it. However, since it is mainly composed of rice, consuming too many rolls can lead to excessive carbohydrate intake and weight gain.

Let’s be mindful of overeating!